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Thursday, January 1, 2015

K-Drama: You Who Came From the Stars/My Love from the Stars


2014 was the year of Kim Soo Hyun and the comeback of Jeon Ji Hyun. Would you agree?

To top my list, it is the Korean Drama: YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS.

Honestly, when this aired in 2013, I really had no intention of watching it probably because the poster came out dark and boring. I wasn't able to recognize Jeon Ji Hyun, (Kill me now..) and with all honesty too, I don't know Kim Soo Hyun back then.

Okay, okay. I am a Korean Drama fan but I really don't know all the stars! I can only name a few, bummer.

This was aired in 2013-2014 but I only got the chance to watch it DECEMBER 2014 right after Christmas. Such a lame fan. Some of you might be wondering why.

I played episode 1 for more than 5x! Either I fell asleep or I find it so boring but right after Christmas, I found myself bored even more so I gave the series a chance, my 6th attempt. And with all honesty, from episode 2 to 21, I haven't slept for more than 4 hours! I got hooked and fell in love over and over again.

YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS starred Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. If you are familiar with My Sassy Girl, the most popular movie back in 2001 where my fantasy for Korean flicks began, she's that Sassy Girl. She also starred in the movie Il Mare, which already has the Western counterpart of Lake House. She's that popular huh! Anyway, Kim Soo Hyun on the other hand debuted in Dream High, year 2011 where his role was a laid back farm boy. Soon after, he became King "something" in the drama Moon Embraces the Sun. I wasn't able to watch the "Moon..." because it seems to be so periodic for me. But after seeing him in YWCFTS, I might give it a try! He is such a darling!

YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS is not your typical drama. 

The casts:

Do Min Joon played by Kim Soo Hyun is an ALIEN! What, an alien?! Yes, really.
Cheon Song Yi played by Jeon Ji Hyun / Gianna Jun / Jun Ji Hyun is a top-billed artist at her peak.
Lee Hi Kyung played by Park Hae Jin is the son of S&C group and has a big love for Cheon Song Yi.
Yoo Se Mi played by Yoo In Na is Cheon Song Yi's friend and a secret admirer of Lee Hi Kyung

Let's begin. Let's do this!

If you still haven't seen it, well, you're missing a half of your Korean Drama experience! 

Overall Review

(setting it to 10 as being the highest)

Do Min Joon is again, an alien who have lived on earth for 400 years. He changes his identity every ten years because his physical appearance never changes over the past 400 years that he was been living on earth. He became a banker, lawyer, doctor, military, meteorologist and in the present time, a professor. The story between him and Cheon Song Yi started on his last 3 months on earth.

He was living a peaceful life for the last 400 years but was disrupted when this top actress Cheon Song Yi moved in and became his neighbor in the apartment where he lived. Right then and there, his life changed, from the peaceful Do Min Joon to a distracted alien Do Min Joon.

Cheon Song Yi is loud, playful, not really a smart ass talent but she's popular, pretty, talented and hailed the billboards of Korea. They were neighbors but not the typical kind. On their first meeting, Cheon Song Yi had a smirk on her face thinking that Do Min Joon was a pervert. If you have seen this, this is really a funny scene! Anyway, Cheon Song Yi always get into trouble and intrigues because of her personality. And that's when the cutest alien living on earth came in.. to the rescue!

At the every end of the drama episode, there's a little portion wherein Do Min Joon tells his story like a diary. He's the cutest.

This drama made so much sense to me in Episode 4. That long, huh! But I fell in love with it since that last part of Episode 1. 

My Review:

I will not tell the story because where's the sense it watching if you can read them here already, right?

I WANT AN ALIEN!!! Kidding aside, the drama You Who Came From the Stars is not your ordinary drama where you cry, get involved and fall, laugh and brings in so much hate. During the whole drama, I haven't cried! Why? Because I am so in love with the story that it's too difficult to cry especially when you know that there's too much love!!!

Do Min Joon's character although in denial has so much love for Cheon Song Yi! Even though he seems too cold over Cheon Song Yi, he is always there to rescue her whether directly or indirectly. This guy showed too much compassion even on screen that even the viewers make it so difficult to resist, how much more for Cheon Song Yi?!

This drama will make you fall in love. Definitely!

Overall, no wonder it was the hottest drama for 2014. It ranked up in its ratings. The story is out of the ordinary, the lines are hard to resist, the sequence is just so perfect and the drama itself talks so much sense. The acting of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun came out so natural, it's like your watching them from your seat and not from the screen.

Disclaimer: I don't own the photos. Credits to owner. Thank you!


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