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Monday, June 25, 2012

Unpaid Review: Just pure HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION!

Cold Drinks especially Frapuccino is spelled as L-O-V-E. My boyfriend can bribe me with this every time I am sad or whenever I am in my "tampo" mode. (You know, just like guys -- the way to a woman's heart is through her craving tummy! *sniff*)

What makes me happy: Blu Gre Coffee and Bo's Coffee. NOW YOU KNOW! =)

Unpaid Review: Just pure HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION!

During my free time (whenever I get the chance to work, not play time), I rush to this certain coffee shop in a certain mall here in Davao and spend the non-paid hours there. The coffee shop is a native of Cebu City - Bo's Coffee.

I don't know their history but what I know is I simply love the interior and the overall feel of the place. It's like a home for me since it's not as noisy as other coffee shops. Getting in touch with my keyboard on a laminated working table is so comfortable together with their bar chairs that are just perfect for those who want to have some "steady" time.

That's their working station with coffee-related sticker arts.

My premium hot chocolate. You know what I love about their hot cup? The taste isn't too commercialized compared to (hmm, you know what I'm talking about). There's no consistency and worst, sometimes, it's served warm not HOT! Na-ah.

Another must-try: If you're into those non-coffee based drinks, you should try the Chocolate Chip. I love it to death. The whipped cream is thick and not-too-sweet, the taste is so good and the ice is crushed right. The price is fine, P145 for a a taste you won't forget in just an hour. It doesn't taste like ICED MILO/OVALTINE (like those one's being sold at this super "sikat" coffee shop). Btw, segway lang, I got so disappointed when I ordered their Frap (Chocolate something) and the texture is like sand, it also tasted like Milo with ice and the whipped cream was melted (just like the cream sold on shelves-definitely not chilled, I don't know what was that. Paying for P165 for a drink such as that isn't worth it AT ALL.

I love the place, I love everything about it. From their staff down to the mini pancakes sold at P55. Bo's coffee is definitely a must-try! :)


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