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Monday, December 3, 2012

Strong winds, again?

Alarming! Yes, it is indeed the effect of global warming / climate change. These dramatic changes were discussed by Al Gore (former VP of the United States) during his documentary that was shown in HBO.

The question here is, is it really happening? Can we adopt penguins, polar bears and pandas anytime soon here in our city?

Davao is too blessed to experience the good life and to be tagged as "The Land of Promise" - free from typhoons, strong winds, heavy rains and flash floods (oooops!), YES, that was before. But now is a different story.

Just this morning, I woke up to a different sound that I could hear outside my window, strong winds gushing and heavy rain pouring. Some of our doors were banging and windows (made of steel casement and glass) were softly closing. It's too cold and yes, too difficult to handle for DavaoeƱos who are not used to this kind of weather. Imagine, this is the 1st time in 30 years in Davao specifically (yes, my first time too except during the times when I'm in Manila). SCARY.

Pablo (the strongest typhoon that will hit the country this year) is just entering PAR. WOW! STRONG-est! If I could feel it, how much more those in areas raised by PAG-ASA as signal no. 3 or worst, 4. I could imagine their roofs made of nipa and even light materials being blown away, walls made of kawayan and nipa being hit by some other things brought by the wind. Heart breaking! I just hope the LGUs in their areas take their part in saving the lives and properties of their people.

Oh well, we could do nothing but be prepared. This is the test of nature, made exactly by human beings. We destroy the nature, we then suffer the consequence.

Let us just pray for everyone affected and pray that we will all be safe during these unwanted times.

Don't forget to charge your phones and other important communication devices and emergency lights. Keep in mind that food and water should always come first!


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