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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goodbye, Phone

No photos to show, it's a wreck. My e72 is now resting in peace. I bought it two years ago and now I have to let it go. It breaks my heart seeing that phone break into pieces, but I have to accept it - nothing lasts forever.

Yesterday, a bad thing happened and my phone was blown by the wind, far, far -- so very far away. *sigh* I'm currently using my Nokia 101 Essential for all my transactions, etc. Good thing it's a dual sim phone so I can use both numbers at the same time. *again, sigh*

Now I am planning to get a new one. I'm planning to buy this one:
Maybe not today nor tomorrow but pretty soon (that's if I have extra.. tsk!)

I am really not into these techie phones but I love how iPhone 4s attract me. It's sleek, handy and stylish. Can you help me? Is this worth it? 30k something is a huge amount of money -- sighhh.

*Ohhh, I wanna faint...*


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