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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love and Beauty: DOVE Hair Care Products

I hate my hair, I hate my hair and yes, I hate my hair - this was my "hate hair moments" months ago until I stumbled on this article from the latest Cosmo magazine *February Issue* :)

The Dove hair care products are now available in the Philippines!

I got these:
Formulated with Micro-moisture Serum and Fiber Actives, Dove Intense Repair gives your hair superior moisturization and internal repair. Reduces split ends up to 9 times in just 3 washes.
My hair is a complete mess. Dull, dry, frizzy, split ends -- name it, I have it! *Ughhh* Believe it or not, when I tried using these products, my hair become softer and manageable. In visayan term, "promise, sa walay pag dapig dapig!" (promise, no bias). It added volume to my hair (Brazilian Blowouts No More!) and it gives me a worry free day (goodbye, mirror fanatic days).

The Intense Repair hair care from Dove is their line which addresses the needs of individuals who use blowers to dry their hair, constant towel drying and usage of flat and curling irons every day. Also, those who color their hair monthly and engage to excessive styling and parlor treatment - ME, ME, that is so ME.

I can guarantee a smoother and bouncier hair after use! Unlike other shampoos and conditioners, you will get to see the effect after series of use, but this one, right after washing your hair =) THANK YOU, Dove.

More *NEW* Dove hair care products:

For Dry and Rough Hair - STRAIGHT and SILKY
For Dull and Frizzy Hair - NOURISHING OIL CARE
For Hair Fall and Breaking Hair - HAIR FALL RESCUE

I'm pretty sure they have what you need :)

For a 375ml bottle *the biggest*, it costs around P349.75. I'm telling you, it's worth it.
I got the shampoo and conditioner + the intense repair mask.

It's also available in sachet and small containers, price is almost the same with other brands but the effect is guaranteed way different!

Enjoy beautiful hair EVERY DAY with Dove. Guaranteed AMAZING results. *parang commercial lang!*

For more details, visit their website at Dove Philippines.

P.S. I always thought I need a miracle for my hair. But I discovered that I just need Dove. Haha!


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