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Friday, February 17, 2012

Shoe Gazing!

Look what I have found while browsing the net. It's a fruit shoe by Charlotte Olympia. I really don't understand why she designed a shoe like this, hmm.. maybe she loves it or someone she knows love to eat watermelon, banana and strawberries? :) This chunky fruit basket turned into a shoe costs £873. Okay, 'nuf said.

It may not be the same as Charlotte's but it's definitely a good replica. I actually love the edgy look of this foxy shoe, especially the chunky wooden heel.

If you're thinking of paying about £873 (computing.. nah.. never mind), think again. You can drag this fruity shoe design for 1,600 pesos.

Where: raysuiDOTmultiplyDOTcom

Just message me and tell me you want that limited edition fruity patootie!

Happy shopping! :)


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