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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love for Food: Yurushi Food Chain & Restaurant

HUNGRY or LOOKING FOR SOME PLACE TO EAT? But only have a hundred pesos in your pocket? Well, when it comes to problems like these, Davao is blessed to have so many places to offer.

Look at our empty bowls. Hungry or is it just so yummy? It was three years ago when I first discovered Yurushi, a cheap Japanese restaurant along Uyanguren. It is owned and operated by a Japanese who eventually settled here in Davao.

Empty bowls - HURRAY!


When I was still in college which was 4 years ago, this restaurant was already existing but not a lot of people knows about it but it was only when I started working when I tried on this "para sa masa" dining place. Yes, true to that statement, Yurushi caters to middle class and class C consumers since the prices of their food is really more of the "pang karinderya" budget. Although Yurushi caters to the middle class and class C, you can also get to see those who belong to class A or even those who drives luxury cars.

Gyudon - Beef/Rice/Egg/White Onions
Would you believe that my favorite Gyudon is only P65? :) At some of the famous and commercialized Japanese restaurants, you will be able to eat this for P200 or even P300. Yes, Yurushi doesn't have that sirloin cut beef or Japanese rice but other than that, the presentation and "what's in it for me" trick is there in your red plastic bowl. Looks like the one being sold at Red Kimono, right?

Menu: Some of their best sellers include Katsudon, Oyakudon, Chaahan and Tonkatsu and among others. They also have Filipino dishes like Lechon Kawali, Chicken Tinola, Beef Steak Tagalog, Ampalaya with beef, etc.

Taste: For a hungry stomach and a tight budget, Yurushi will never fail you. The authenticity of real Japanese food is well defined. You always get what you pay for but with a PLUS!

Ambiance:  Authentic Japanese restaurant, the ones you see in Japan wherein it looks like a dirty kitchen or whatsoever. It adds to the Japanese feel, haha!

Before eating :) | 2 Gyudons (65 x 2), 1 Chicken Bihon (29) and 1 Sabaw (10) + 12 oz. Mountain Dew (15)
So how much for all of these? P185. One hundred eighty five pesos for the both of us. Now tell me, is it a good value for money?

Price range: for as low as 10 to 65 pesos.

Yurushi Food Chain & Restaurant
Cor. Suazo-Uyangguren Sts., Davao City
Open from breakfast to 12mn.


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