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Sunday, January 27, 2013

90s Songs | A Music Playlist Throwback

When it comes to the choice of music, I really couldn't hide my age. Ugh, my preferred songs reflect the generation I belong. Hahaha! Anyway, no sense in hiding as long as my readers are aware that I am twenty-something! *time flies so faaast*

Here goes:

How I wish I can aboard a time machine and go back to my favorite period, the 90s to early 20th century, where almost all the songs are music to my ears. *eyes on you! I know you can relate* Boohoo! Hihi. Let me give you a list of my top 20 throwback songs from boybands to female solo artists. To all the boyband fanatics who are being criticized by the society as being baduy, count me in, I am one of you guys! I'm sure that those critics love us, they are just too shy to admit. I think love songs will cover 70% of my list! PREPARE. Hehe.

Start 3, 2 and 1.

No. 20 - Ulan by Rivermaya

I take my pride being a full blooded Pinay! I heart OPM music :) Bamboo originally sang this when he was still with Rivermaya. Everybody loves him and the song of course! Simple pero rock!

No. 19 - I Knew I Love You by Savage Garden

This song was played repeatedly in teenage shows during the 90s so it really made some space in my heart. Click, TGIF, Growing Up and Gimik to name a few. Anybody can relate? Hihi. My list of 90s Songs is such a tearjerker. Haha!

No. 18 - So Young by The Corrs

A sibling band! I love them. This song reminds me of my youth. Well, happy youthful memories lives on!

No. 17 - I'll be by Edwin Mc Cain

Cut that crap off! Until now, this song is still a crowd favorite. I think this was the OST of the movie City of Angels. This song makes girls gaga whenever it is being played in radio stations before and now, it's a favorite videoke song by men. Why? Haha! Well... I don't know.

No. 16 - Cool With You by Jennifer Love Hewitt

For those who care, this is our barkada theme song :) The lyrics is perfect for those who are going through the moving on stage. Enough and cry it out loud. That's normal.

No. 15 - Always by Imajin

I like her but I love you, who can forget that lyrics? I contest, no one. Para sa mga two timer. Haha. Eyes on you again *kidding*

No. 14 - 6,8,12 by Brian Mc Knight

Again, another heartbreak song. Need I say more?

No. 13 - Fantasy by Mariah Carey

She's a bomb! I adore her when I was still in secondary school. I also love her other songs like Honey, Always be my baby and I still believe. Such a fan!

No. 12 - Dreaming of You by Selena

This latina is a total performer. During my emote days way back then, I used to sing this. Haha!

No. 12.1 goes to Until the Time is Through by Five

No. 11 - 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls

Well, they are the diamonds of the 90s! Who can forget Wannabe, Viva Forever and Mama? Geeez! They are the "peg" of the fashion world, haha! Who have ever thought that Melanie C's jogging pants can be a worldwide fashion trend and Posh spice will marry England's Beckham?

No. 10 - Angel of Mine by Monica

I love her and I super adore that song. I can sleep away by just listening to this song. Inspiring, so who's your angel? Haha!

No. 9 - I've Been Waiting for You by Guys Next Door

Search for this on YouTube so you'll understand what I mean. After, you will realize you loved it long time ago, 90s Songs fever eh? Nostalgia! They look fine, I guess! Haha :)

No. 8 - Each Time by East 17

Is it weird of me to like this song? Haha! I hope not because I love this song to bits!! Very 2001 or probably earlier :))

No. 7 - I Don't Wanna Wait by Paula Vole

Who's an avid fan of the Dawson's creek here? You should know this song! Such a feel good song. May laman ang lyrics!

No. 6 - Only Love by Toni Braxton

Music to my ears. Walang masabi basta gusto ko to. Hihi. 90s Songs are the best!

No. 5 - Stick Around by Azure

For those in love, here's for you!

By the way, insert at no. 5.1 - All I want by Inoj :) This hippie girl makes me sing and dance away! Yay.

No. 4 - Finally Found by Honeyz

Have you found that one? Yikes! They also sang the End of the Line but that's a sad song though. Yay.

*insert Sometimes by Britney Spears as no. 4.1 and 4.2 for Mandy Moore's Only Hope.* hihi. I love them both!

No. 3 - Forever by Damage

Perfect to be a wedding song. This will drive your guests crazy (and crying) as you walk down the aisle. I superrr heart this song. You do too, right? Ahh! 90s Songs throwback!

No. 2 - Invisible Man by 98 degrees

Can I insert all their songs? Okay, so this is my all time favorite. **i wish you look at me that way...** I Do, Hardest Thing and I will Still Love You are the best too.

No. 1 - When you Say Nothing at All by Ronan Keating

I say nothing else, it makes my heart melt a thousand folds :)))

So there you go, my top 20 song list of my generation! What's yours?~ Good day!


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